Real Estate Valuation According to Czech Norms

Course content
In the course Real Estate Valuation According to Czech Norms, participants will become familiar with anchoring of valuation in the Czech legislation. Graduates will be able to evaluate in what situations (for what purposes) is valuation of real estate required in praxis and what legislation applies to the given case. Important topic within the course represent also various basic types of prices and values, their differences and procedures and tools that lead to their quantification. Graduates should be able to determine the appropriate method of valuation according to the purpose of its use. Furthermore, the course focuses on valuation for restitution, privatisation, tax purposes, purposes of the joint property of spouses and expropriation. Room is also devoted to the specifics of valuation for individual types of real estate (residential and non-residential units, engineering structures, plots of land and their sets, etc.) on which the participants will gain overview.