Admission Procedure

Prerequisites and conditions of acceptance for the MBA Programme

  • successful completion of at least a bachelor’s degree of another internationally recognised MBA degree programme – the applicant shall prove the highest attained educational by a copy of the university diploma,
  • at least one year of experience in the real estate sector – the applicant will provide a structured professional CV,
  • proving the knowledge of English – the applicant shall provide a certificate of the completed exam, certificate of state examination in English within his / her university education, or other document proving knowledge of English,
  • elaboration of a case study and passing the application interview,
  • payment for study of the MBA Programme. The entry fee is CZK 180,000 for the entire MBA Programme.

Enrolment for the 2nd run

For questions on enrolling the MBARE Programme, please contact the programme coordinator, Mrs. Bábíková (

Lecturing in the 2nd run 

The 2nd run of the MBARE Programme will commence on November 8, 2019.


Coordinator of the MBARE Programme: Bc. Hana Bábíková, tel. +420 770 159 372, Room at the University of Economics, Prague: 114 NB, e-mail: