Real Estate Market Practice

Course content
The course’s participants will be introduced to operation of both the commercial and residential real estate through microeconomic models, including the Fischer-DiPasquale-Wheaton model. An integral part of the course will be practical demonstrations and examples from praxis in individual segments of the real estate market. Students will understand market indicators and how to work with them, learn how the development process and its phases from acquisition to planning, construction and exit take place. Individual phases of the development process are presented to participants using practical demonstrations. The content of the course is also focused on marketing strategies (mostly for residential projects) and the use of new media in the real estate market. The course also includes gaining experience in compiling the profit and loss and cash flow of a development project. Based on the knowledge of KPI projects, participants will learn about the possibilities of financing both the development projects and existing investment real estates and will understand the different aspects of individual types of investors in real estate projects.

Ing. Jaroslav Kaizr MSc. MRICS