Land Register and Civil Code

Course content
Within the scope of its activities, each individual on the real estate market deals to a greater or lesser extent with legal aspects of the activity that are enshrined in the Civil Code and which are reflected in the Land Register (LR). Knowledge of these legal aspects and processes within the Land Register is therefore a necessary knowledge. The course deals more closely with the issue of registration in the LR, its content, registration of rights in the LR and registration of other data in the LR, administration of the LR and provision of data from the LR, including monitoring of changes. Explanation is complemented by practical examples of entries in the LR and also by examples of entries in the basic register of the territorial identification, addresses and real estate. After completing the course, participants will be able to identify and understand the necessary information from the LR and they will be familiar with the basic legal issues related to the LR and the related parts of the Civil Code.

JUDr. Eva Barešová